StsRoyal Cryptocurrency Investment Platform Review

How StsRoyal Puts Its Trading Platform at the Core of Crypto Trading

If trading platform has any role to play in the overall trading experience of a trader, StsRoyal has gotten the secret code. This broker has given its crypto investors and traders a platform that makes their trading experience a breeze. To create such a trading platform, you have to understand two important things. First, you have to know what matters the most in cryptocurrency trading. Second, you have to understand the needs of the modern traders from not one but many regions of the world. There is no doubt that StsRoyal’s trading platform is one of the best in the industry. Let’s explore why it is:

Why StsRoyal’s Crypto Trading Platform Is the Best

It Has an Intuitive Design

When you are a new trader, you focus too much on profits, losses, trades, leverages, margins, etc. However, new traders and investors can completely overlook the importance of the trading platform they are on. An intuitive trading platform is what you need to focus on your trading. If your platform is difficult to understand with intuitively located options, you are going to have a lot of trouble in trading. Oftentimes, new traders believe that trading is difficult when in reality, they are giving this feedback about the trading platform they are on.

An intuitive design means that the options are where they should be located. Imagine a washing machine with its knobs, buttons, and other options located right on its face. That’s an intuitive place to put the controls of a washing machine because this is where your eyes and hands go naturally when you are doing laundry. The same case applies to your trading platform as well. As a new trader, you want your focus to be on trading. You might as well spend some time learning the art of trading through ebooks and video-based courses. You don’t want to spend a month learning only how to use the trading platform.

You might as well know that StsRoyal provides you a detailed educational course of trading. In this course, you can learn trading with the help of ebooks or videos. So, once you have learned trading, you should be able to start enter trades on the trading platform.

It Gives You Full Control of Your Trades

Once you are on the trading platform from StsRoyal, you will be in full control of your trades. What does it mean to be in control of the trades? First, you will be able to minimize your losses and risks through several risk minimizing strategies. All of these options are available on the trading platform so you can trade safely. You don’t want to pursue profits all the time. In fact, the most experienced and professional traders focus more on minimizing their losses and risks. However, not all trading platforms have those options available. The risk management options available on StsRoyal are some of the best.

Whether you want to prevent yourself from incurring loss beyond a particular point or put your money in two different yet correlated trades to minimize your risks, you can do it all when you are on the StsRoyal trading platform. While these options have been out there on other trading platforms, they are quite new to the cryptocurrency trading platform.

It Gives You Access to the Best Cryptocurrencies

One of the issues you will face when you want to trade cryptocurrencies is that you will not have enough of them available for trading. Fore currencies have been around since forever. When you trade forex currency pairs on a broker’s trading platform, you find hundreds of them for you to trade. In a similar fashion, you find hundreds of stocks on their trading platforms as well. However, things start to look bad when you trade cryptocurrencies with them. They usually have only a couple of cryptocurrencies available on their trading platforms for their traders to trade. Imagine being able to trade only bitcoin when you want access to hundreds of digital coins.

First, when it comes to depositing money, you will be able to use Litecoin, bitcoin, and Ethereum. However, the most important part is the digital coins that you will be able to buy and sell once you are on the trading platform. You can find just about any digital coins that you can think of on the trading platform from this broker. You can trade NEO, Monero, Ripple, Ethereum, bitcoin, and many other cryptocurrencies in the same place. If you spend enough time trading cryptocurrencies, you will find patterns in this market as well. Soon, you will know which cryptocurrencies are correlated so you can trade them together to cancel the profits with losses as a loss minimizing strategy.

It Can be Customized

Imagine sitting in your car and not being able to adjust the driving seat. Just this simple lack of feature can be extremely annoying for you. It can be annoying to the point that you would not want to drive anymore. That’s the same case when you are on a trading platform. The best trading platforms now allow you to customize the options and layouts according to your needs. This way, you can trade conveniently and without wasting time on things that are not important to your trading. But why would you need to customize the trading platform? Is there a need to do so?

The simple answer would be yes. There is a huge need of customizing the platform according to your needs. Not every trader is the same. Some traders might be interested in trading bitcoin while others might find more interest in small cryptocurrencies. Why would you want the bitcoin chart right in your face every time you log into the trading platform when you are primarily interested in trading ripple? In a similar way, there are many other options that you would want to customize according to your needs. When you log in to your trading platform, it should feel like being at home.

These are the options available to you when you sign up with StsRoyal. The trading platform can be customized and you can change the layout to something that you find more productive. Productivity is a crucially important concept that you will learn more when you grow as a trader.

It Makes Trading Quick

Whenever you talk about modern technology, you mention things being at your fingertips and only a tap away. These are the common sentences and terms used to define the conveniences of the modern technologies. It would not be so nice and pleasing if you can’t do the same when it comes to trading. What if you have to complete 10 different steps to enter at trade? Doing these 10 steps every time you want to enter a trade during the day can frustrate you. There will come a time when you want to trade but you won’t because you don’t want to go through long process of opening the position again.

Trading is truly a click or tap away when you are with StsRoyal. The broker has designed its trading platform to make trading easy and quick. You can enter trades right from the charts of the cryptocurrencies you are looking at. When you see the chart showing a particular trend you have been waiting for, you can enter the trade with your desired position with just one tap or click. This is when you can say that profits are only a tap away from you.

It Does Not Need Downloading

Is downloading really that big of a deal? It might not seem like an important thing but when you look at the tiny details, you will realize the importance of a web-based platform. keep in mind that the trading platform from StsRoyal is web-based. You don’t have to download it on your device to use it. So, downloading the software on your device means that its integrity relies on the integrity of your device. If something happens to your device, you can’t trade anymore. Secondly, you will keep worrying about new patches, new updates, obsolete versions, invulnerabilities, etc. when you have the software on your device.

Things are quite the opposite when you sign up with StsRoyal and get access to its web-based trading platform. Your broker will take care of its updates, patches, upgrades, maintenance, etc. You don’t have to download anything. If your mobile device has stopped working, you can start trading on a desktop device within a minute without any downloads or compatibility issues. Even the trading experience remains the same regardless of which device you are on.

Bottom Line

If you are a new crypto investor or trader, you have to know that your trading experience relies heavily on the trading platform you are on. Of course, this is where you will be spending your time when you are trading, monitoring the charts, looking at trading signals, etc. First, you should make sure you pick a broker whose focus is on cryptocurrency traders and investors. Secondly, the platform you are using should be designed specifically for cryptocurrency trading.

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